Services and Cost...

Service / TreatmentCost
Initial Consultation and Assessment: This includes an overall history taken of the horse, conformation assessment, gait analysis, dental check, saddle assessment, assessment on lunge or under saddle (if required). Followed by a full sport massage and passive stretches (if appropriate) including aftercare advice. £40
Follow up / Maintenance sessions: This includes feedback from the previous session and further gait analysis. Followed by a full equine massage and passive stretches. £35
Pre-event massage: This helps to warm and loosen the horse's muscles, increasing performance, focusing the horse and reducing the chance of injury. This treatment can be done up until 10 mins before event. £20
Post-event massage: To aid recovery and remove toxin build up from the muscles. It reduces stiffness, helps to replenish glycogen stores and helps in the detection of any injuries obtained from the event. Best done 2-4 hrs after the event. £20

Discounts and Packages

The above prices apply to clients within a 15 mile radius of Badshot Lea Equestrian Centre, Farnham. For horses outside this catchment area prices will be charged according to distance.

Treatments are based on the horse's individual needs and treatment will be adapted to these needs.